| Brookline Porchfest

Curriculum Vitae: The Course of Life


Brookline Porchfest

2016 – 2021



Brendan developed the framework for Brookline Porchfest in 2016 and has managed each subsequent festival. Responsibilities include processing applications, crafting the schedule, managing the website, mailing list, social media, advertising, and communicating with Brookline Police Department.

Brendan's Notes

I enjoy organizing Brookline Porchfest. It's made of generous people volunteering their time, talents, and porches.

Education & Skills

Berklee College of Music

1994 - 1998

Bachelor of Arts

  • Major: Professional Music with a focus on arranging & composition
  • Volunteer: Berklee's Music Mentoring program; teaching gifted High-School students in the Boston Community
Private Studies

1998 - 2009

Master Training

  • Jay Weik
  • Tim Miller
  • Charlie Banacos

Computer Skills

  • Google Workspace
  • Microsoft Office
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • iMovie
  • Logic Pro X
  • Garageband
  • Sibelius
Website Design
  • Craft CMS
  • Wordpress
  • Languages:
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Twig