New Design 2015!

After months of laboring, learning, revising and editing, v.2015 is finally here!  I’ve reorganized the blog, thinned out the main page contents and reconfigured the page navigation structure.  Hopefully it’s easier to read and access info.

The big reason for this dramatic overhaul is that I want to redefine how the site functions.  For the past several years it’s mainly been monthly updates about my performances and projects.  I would like to continue with updates and promotional news, but at a more natural pace.  I also want to put an emphasis on feature articles about teaching/learning the guitar (maybe even bring back the “Ask Brendan” column!).

I would say this site is 90% finished.  I’m going to take the next few weeks to do the final editing on old posts and pages, and then debut some new features (Online Lessons & Transcription Services!), but I want to push some new content out there as well – I’ve got a lot of cool things to share with you!

If you see anything weird, broken or interesting, don’t hesitate to let me know:

Coming soon: Updates on Lollipops, Schooltree, Kristen Ford & Phil Berman!



New Design 2015!

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