Guitar Lessons

Master The Music:

Learn the Habits necessary to Master the Music Most Important to You!

Under the direction of Brendan, you can learn the strategies for effective practicing that will transform your playing, and develop the skills to understand and play the music you love.

Teaching All Levels:

Whether this is your first time picking up the Guitar, or you’ve been playing for years, Studying with Brendan can help you to play as you’ve always Imagined.

About Guitar Lessons:

I teach differently to different people. For me, it’s about understanding what a Student wants to do with guitar and then helping them work towards that goal. Different people want different things. Some people want to learn how to:

  • read music notes and not tablature
  • read tablature and not notes
  • read chord charts for their favorite tunes
  • understand theory
  • play like Steve Vai
  • develop Right Hand Technique
  • play like their Dad
  • work on speed exercises
  • work on Ear Training

My responsibility as a Teacher is to:

  • honor whatever direction you want to work on
  • be flexible
  • be informative
  • be encouraging
  • be a guide
  • be a resource
  • make sure we’re having a good time

If you don’t know what you want to work on, that’s fine too. Sometimes, just liking the way the guitar looks, feels or smells is all it takes. If you have any questions about how this works, feel free to give me a call: 857 540 2523 or drop me an e-mail

Free Intro Lesson:


I’ve been teaching privately since 1999 and I’ve always offered the First Lesson as a Free Intro Lesson. I think it’s a great way to get to know students, and for students to get to know me.

The idea of the “Free Intro Lesson” is to provide a opportunity for anyone to try out a Guitar Lesson. There are a lot factors to consider when choosing a guitar teacher. With the “Free Intro Lesson,” you can come by and see if you like the way I run lessons, see if you like the commute, & see if this is the direction you want to head in. It’s a full-fledged lesson, but usually we’ll spend a little more time at the beginning talking about what you want to do with guitar lessons.

If you have any questions about the “Free Intro Lesson,” or would like to set up an appointment, contact me at: 857 540 2523 or Email:


Testimonials from Students:

Brendan helped me Develop my Knowledge of Music Theory, which has helped me with my Guitar Playing as well as my Songwriting… I’m playing more complicated chords and feeling confident with them… Brendan provides a very supportive & student driven environment. – Julie R.

I’ve been like a Kid in a Candy Store, tapping into Brendan’s breadth of knowledge of so many styles…. We have a great rapport… He’ll address whatever topic or tune I’m into that session… but he’s also great at bringing it back into the Big Picture – Bruce G.

Brendan has been Encouraging & Helpful, by showing me techniques and teaching me some Philosophy of Playing Music… What I like the most is his enthusiasm for music. I learned a lot just from stories he told me and principles he taught me. – Benoit C.

Brendan is there to help ‘you’ out on what ‘you’ want from the lesson.. He is always Happy & Ready with an Answer for the questions I have – Maravic E.

It’s obvious that Brendan is a very talent musician who loves what he is doing – Brenda D.


I currently teach guitar lessons in Ball Square, Somerville (near Davis Sq.).  My teaching studio is easily accessible by the Red Line, Storrow/Mem Drive, 93, Bus, Bike or Foot.


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