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Private Studies

      I teach differently to different people. For me, it’s about understanding what a Student wants to do with guitar and then helping them work towards that goal. Different people want different things.  

      My responsibilities as a Teacher are to:

  • - listen
  • - be flexible
  • - be informative
  • - be encouraging
  • - be a guide
  • - be a resource
  • - make sure we’re having a good time

Free Intro Lesson

     I’ve been teaching privately since 1999 and I’ve always offered the First Lesson as a Free Intro Lesson. I think it’s a great way to get to know students, and for students to get to know me.

     The idea of the “Free Intro Lesson” is to provide an opportunity for anyone to try out a Guitar Lesson. There are a lot factors to consider when choosing a guitar teacher. With the “Free Intro Lesson,” you can come by and see if you like the way I run lessons, see if you like the commute, & see if this is the direction you want to head in. It’s a full-fledged lesson, but usually we’ll spend a little more time at the beginning getting to know each other.


Contact me: or (857) 540-2523

Testimonials from Students

“Brendan is a talented guitar teacher who has the ability to tailor the lessons to the persons needs. He has a unique way about him and his approach to learning that is rewarding as a student. He’s also a nice person with a good sense of humor :)
I couldn’t imagine having started out learning guitar with anyone but him.”

“Brendan is a fantastic teacher. He is tuned-in and patient with a wonderful holistic approach to the guitar. Lessons with him are fun and (as a non-musician myself) leave me feeling inspired and refreshed. His own talent is a source of inspiration during each lesson because he plays along and makes it feel like you’re in a band! I started as a beginner and have learned a lot after only a few months. I highly recommend Brendan.”

“I was at best an low-level intermediate guitar player when I first began taking lessons from Brendan. Over the past few years my skills have significantly improved but more importantly I learn how the guitar works and which notes go together. The lessons have dramatically expanded my knowledge, enjoyment, and skills. Brendan was able to fit his teaching to my needs and at my pace. If I was not leaving the state I would continue indefinitely.”

“Brendan is a great teacher! He has many years of experience teaching and knows how to work with all levels and styles. He is very patient and low key.  I have been working with Brendan for a few years now and my skills have definitely improved. He works with each student to find out what they want to get out of their guitar lessons and helps them reach their goals.”

“I’ve been like a Kid in a Candy Store, tapping into Brendan’s breadth of knowledge of so many styles…. We have a great rapport… He’ll address whatever topic or tune I’m into that session… but he’s also great at bringing it back into the Big Picture.”

“Brendan is funny, low-key, and totally flexible when it comes to making guitar work with your busy schedule. I started out from knowing basically nothing, and now my rendition of Taylor Swift’s ‘You Belong With Me’ is the talk of the town!  So, needless to say, I continue to take lessons with him.”





Skype/Facetime lessons are available upon request.  They work the same as regular lessons, but we rely on a webcam and a digital folder together.  Contact me for more info.


Starting in 2015, I’m offering Correspondence Lessons to students interested in intermediate to advanced subject matter.  Because it’s a new & fledgling area for me, I’m offering a money back guarantee for the first three lessons.  Contact me for more info.

Members of have access to over 100 videos of my guitar instruction.  

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