August Performances

August is a wonderful month of transition and preparation.  My two big projects right now are Phil Berman’s album & Schooltree’s rock opera.

Phil Berman

Thanks to your kickstarter support, we are going into the studio on the last week of August to record Phil’s debut album.  We’ve already scheduled two amazing rhythm sections:  Raky Sastri & Tony Leva plus Ariel Bernstein & Derek Van Wormer.  With their support we will lay down the foundation for Phil’s compositions and then overdub strings, vocals and a chamber ensemble.  It’s going to be an epic and amazing sounding record.  I’m super excited to be producing and arranging it and I can’t wait to share it with you.


Schooltree is deep into rehearsals for Heterotopia – a new rock opera written by front person Lainey Schooltree.  We should be ready for workshops/preview performances in the fall.  Right now it’s looking like 20 new songs presented in three acts.  It’s going to be incredible!!!


Squirrel Stole My Underpants returns to the Puppet Showplace Theatre all Labor Day weekend.  Buy your tickets in advance!  These shows sell out!

Baby & The Babes

Cassandra Long & I will be performing a duet arrangement of Baby & The Babes at the Boston Fluevog store from 6-8pm on Thursday, August 21st.


August is also a time of slowing down.  I’ve got some time scheduled for family vacations, some light reading and Lego building.

Happy Summer!



August Performances
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