September Performances


August 2014 was truly an amazing month of creative adventures.

The Phil Berman Project has been recorded and is in post production.  Thank you again Kickstarter supporters.  This could not have happened without you.

Squirrel celebrated it’s 100th performance and is getting closer and closer to 10,000 people seeing the show!  Bonnie, Tony & I are also putting some time in on creating the new show: “Lollipops For Breakfast” – due out late January 2015.


Schooltree is also working hard behind the scenes with the new Rock Opera.  Stay tuned for information about an underground preview performance in October.


TUNEFOOLERY’S 20th – I’ll be serving as the Emcee for Tunefoolery’s 20th Anniversary Concert at the Cambridge YMCA on Friday, September 19th.





August Performances

August is a wonderful month of transition and preparation.  My two big projects right now are Phil Berman’s album & Schooltree’s rock opera.

Phil Berman

Thanks to your kickstarter support, we are going into the studio on the last week of August to record Phil’s debut album.  We’ve already scheduled two amazing rhythm sections:  Raky Sastri & Tony Leva plus Ariel Bernstein & Derek Van Wormer.  With their support we will lay down the foundation for Phil’s compositions and then overdub strings, vocals and a chamber ensemble.  It’s going to be an epic and amazing sounding record.  I’m super excited to be producing and arranging it and I can’t wait to share it with you.


Schooltree is deep into rehearsals for Heterotopia – a new rock opera written by front person Lainey Schooltree.  We should be ready for workshops/preview performances in the fall.  Right now it’s looking like 20 new songs presented in three acts.  It’s going to be incredible!!!


Squirrel Stole My Underpants returns to the Puppet Showplace Theatre all Labor Day weekend.  Buy your tickets in advance!  These shows sell out!

Baby & The Babes

Cassandra Long & I will be performing a duet arrangement of Baby & The Babes at the Boston Fluevog store from 6-8pm on Thursday, August 21st.


August is also a time of slowing down.  I’ve got some time scheduled for family vacations, some light reading and Lego building.

Happy Summer!



July Performances

Somerville’s Artist Of The Month

I’m honored and pleased to announce that I’m Somerville’s Artist Of The Month for July 2014!  You can read all about it at the Somerville Arts Council’s website!

Phil Berman

Thank you for supporting Phil Berman and helping him make his KickStarter goal.  The album is funded!  We are in pre-production right now and we’ll be headed into Dimension Sound Studios in late August.  Stay tuned for more updates as this project progresses.

Upcoming Performances

  • Baby & The Babes – Free Outdoor Show in front of the Shake Shake at “The Street – Chestnut Hill Mall” (Rte 9) on Thursday, July 3rd 6-8pm featuring Cassandra Long, Tony Leva & Ariel Bernstein.
  • w/ 3rian King at The Rhumb Line Bar (Gloucester) on Sunday, July 20th @ 8pm
  • w/ Chelsea Berry at the Cape Ann Marina on Friday, July 25th at 8pm


Kickstart Phil Berman!!!

FUND THIS ALBUM!!!  Phil Berman is getting ready to record his debut album and he needs your support.  He needs money!  Successfully fund this project and we will create an incredible recording featuring Phil’s music with an all-star cast of Boston musicians.


I have the honor and privilege of producing this project.  Phil approached me over a year ago about putting together an recording.  He made me a dozen iPhone demos of the music that he thought would make sense for an album.  I listened to those tracks and fell in love.  Phil is an amazing human being and his music speaks depths of wisdom, emotion and experience.  I feel very lucky to help document this music at it’s fullest capacity

The Album

The Battle Of Bunker Hill will be recorded at Dimension Sound Studios in Jamacia Plain in late August, with Dan Cardinal as recording & mixing engineer.  We have 12 tunes that will be utilizing a chamber ensemble, rhythm section, string quartet, horn section and vocal choir.  Phil & I have been working on the arrangements for over a year and we can’t wait to bring these orchestrations to life.

Kickstart This Project!

To record an album of this magnitude, we need time & money.  We will be using dozens of musicians and spending a full week in the studio.  It’s huge project that is going to sound amazing when it’s finished, but it needs your help.  Please contribute to the Kickstarter today.  Pick a reward that makes sense to you and help invest in an amazing piece of art.

Phil @ Dimension